Today, social media is more about creating an impact and less about making an impression. It is a place where your customers are talking loud and clear. Who you listen to, when, and how will impact the quality of your strategic decisions. We help you sift through the social chatter and pick out the right conversations to understand:

  • The extent of awareness of your brand
  • How your brand is perceived in the market
  • The sentiment of the target market for your brand
  • How likely is your target audience switch to your brand or away from it

Social Listening – Identifying the Unknown

Social listening is much more than just using a tool to capture the data, putting it in a structured format, and the delivering the report. It is an art of identifying the unknown, the knowledge of which can help you make more effective strategic decisions in a timely manner.

Social IMPACT Framework

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Relevant Conversations


Listen to right conversations by the right people.

A social media listening tool will open up a complex web of social mentions of your brand or product. But relevance is what really matters. We can help you identify relevant conversations from the social chatter.

For certain industries, in addition to the end users, there are other parties whose social activity is equally important. We help you capture these as well.

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360 Degree Listening


Holistic level of social media listening.

Social media is a treasure trove of information related to your competitors and the industry in general. However, you can benefit from it only if you widen the scope of your social media listening.

We help you listen to conversations that give you a better understanding of:

  • How your brand or product compares against your competitor’s
  • Trending discussions in your industry
  • Any regulatory or compliance announcements
  • New innovations launched in the market
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Proprietary Framework


Framework that maintains data hygiene.

We use our proprietary framework to crunch the data captured from social listening tools to filter out the noise, identify relevant conversations, and add context to the data. What makes our framework valuable is that:

  • It can be applied to conversations captured from all social platforms
  • It ensures that the accuracy of data is not modified at any stage
  • No data leak is possible from the framework which can alter the end results and analysis
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Visual & Textual Listening


Text and image analysis for more accurate social listening.

The way your customers engage in social conversations has changed in recent past. They have moved beyond words and have started to express their opinions through  images. Research has shown that up to 80% of pictures do not mention of brands in the accompanying text. Just keeping an eye on textual content is not enough.

We integrate data from text and visual tracking to present a holistic view of social conversations. With visual listening we track the images, logos and pictures shared by your audience to get a complete understanding of brand perception.

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