Don’t let information blackholes cloud your strategic decisions. Instead, use our research on social media data to make decisions that impact your bottom line, brand health, and customer experience. Uncover new potential markets, product ideas, and patterns of conversations across the purchase journey of customers. Augment your primary research with our social media research to improve the quality of research outcome.

Social Media Insights and Research

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Voice of Customer


Insights that reflect customer behaviors.

Social data is highly unstructured and often chaotic. We use a 360-degree approach to collate and evaluate social data and bring out insights around customer behavior. We help you:

  • Understand your customers’ opinion about your brand or product, propensity to buy, etc.
  • Track your brand’s health and its impact on the bottom line
  • Identify new emerging trends and possible customer segments
  • Identify unmet needs and design products and services for it
  • Uncover new distribution channels for your product or service
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Brand & Category Insights


Identify unmet needs, business problems, and leader networks at brand and category level.

We conduct in-depth research using social media platform to help you solve real business problems at brand and category level.

  • Key opinions and perceptions of the stakeholders around your brand and category
  • Awareness level by demographic segments to address questions around the audience type
  • Concerns and unmet needs
  • Brand consideration – switching behavior of customers and loyalty
  • Patterns of discussions across the purchase journey
  • Identify and profile influential individuals and organizations actively discussing your brand and category
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Key Opinion Leader Research


Identify leader networks and engage with them.

Your success is often influenced by leader networks of your industry vertical and their opinions. We can help you use social media to:

  • Identify key opinion leaders (KOLs) and their networks to reach out to them
  • To create your brand/product awareness
  • Address myths and misconceptions around your products
  • Promote your products and offerings through influencer networks
  • Recommend KOLs based on their popularity, connectedness, focus, engagement etc.
  • Insights to create advocacy for your brand from KOLs
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Competitive & Market Intel


Updated information of your competition's initiatives.

It is extremely critical to watch what your competition is doing. We keep you updated about your competition’s initiatives – successful and failed ones – and their impact on the market. You can get valuable insights on their:

  • Share of voice: Regional, demographic, etc.
  • Marketing efforts: Product positioning, brand associations, etc.
  • Social engagement: Content strategy, response time, sentiment analysis, brand perception, etc.
  • Brand Consideration: Switching behavior, customer loyalty, etc.
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Social & Primary Research


Augment primary research with insights from research conducted on social media data.

Your traditional means and methods of conducting research are time consuming and often expensive. Social media is exploding with information that is unstructured, honest, and free. We add structure to this information chaos and help you leverage it to enrich your business intelligence and insights. Our social media research helps you save time, reduce cost, and improve quality of outcome.

  • Replace primary research with social media research
  • Use social media research as a precursor to primary research
  • Augment primary research with social media research

Leverage Social Media Insights for Better Research Outcomes
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