A failed software is equivalent to a failed business! Your customers won’t give you a second chance to get your software bearings right. Get your software and applications thoroughly tested for functionalities, output, and scalability before you go to market with them. Partner with us for a comprehensive quality analysis and testing strategy for your apps and software.

Manual Testing

We blend testing best practices with technology expertise for functional testing. Whether you have a complicated software with enterprise level impact or a simple app, we adopt a systematic testing approach. Our end-to-end manual testing processes are designed to ensure any technical flaws are identified well before they endanger your users’ experience and reputation.

Digital Testing

We offer comprehensive testing of apps and software for a wide variety of digital platforms and channels. We ensure that your applications are “click ready” for web platforms, mobile platforms, social platforms, etc. We can help you address real challenges of application compatibility, multi-channel usage, accessibility, analytics and business intelligence, etc.

Security Testing

Get your business-critical apps tested for vulnerabilities and security breaches before you fall prey to loss of customer data or business critical information. We can test your apps to ensure they adhere to PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, WAHH, OSSTM, WASC, or NIST standards as per the requirement of your industry and business.

Performance Testing

We test your applications for key critical performance indicators – speed, stability, and scalability. We put your applications through worst-case scenarios to check its stability. We test your application in peak load situations to check its ability to scale and meet processing demands. To minimize down time, we help you design crisis countering plan.

DevOps & Agile Testing

We bring a mature QA plan and process to test your market facing and inhouse applications for agility and DevOps development practices. We design and deploy a continuous testing approach for your applications across different stages of their lifecycle. We also apply more evolved testing approach to test your apps within shorter window of time at accelerated pace.

BI and Analytics Testing

We adopt a custom approach to test applications for their ability to capture data that can feed into business intelligence. We test data warehouses for data accuracy, performance, and data security. Our team evaluates the data source and storage, the flow of data from back end to front end BI tools, and the BI output.

Testing Automation

We automate the redundant testing scenarios to reduce testing time, save resources, and accelerate time to market. We design automation strategy and roadmap to optimize your ROI. We specialize in creating automations for complicated app architecture, third party integrations, multiple user devices, and disparate user environments. Our automation is designed to deliver real business value.

Test Consultancy

We can help you set up a testing organization within your enterprise. We offer support in setting up the right testing processes depending on your scale and software architecture, deploy relevant tools and technologies, and identify right people to support your needs. We also advice on how to reduce cost and improve efficiency of your existing QA function.

Our Customers

  • Use our state of the art QA facilities and save on inhouse teams during the cash crunch phase.
  • Test your app for market readiness and user friendliness before you take the plunge.
  • Get recommendations on how to improve scalability of the app for future growth.
  • Realign your applications and software to your business objectives faster and more efficiently.
  • Test your apps for multi user and multi device scenarios to capture bigger market share.
  • Address nagging accessibility and usability issues before they impact your business.
  • Augment inhouse unit testing with our comprehensive QA process.
  • Get a testing plan designed for all the applications and software depending on their users and objectives.
  • Review your apps for digital channels and cloud capabilities.
  • Assess your applications for vulnerabilities and address them on time before they escalate.
  • Get compliance checks done for mandatory requirements related to customer data storage and privacy.
  • Create a periodic testing schedule for your apps and software to stay on top of technological advancements.
  • We design a QA process for the entire IT architecture that you have in place.
  • Automate redundant testing processes to save resources and make testing error free.
  • Create your own testing organization in house with our help in terms of people, technology, and processes.
  • Get your inhouse testing team to work with our offshore specialists for 24×7 testing facility.
  • Review your IT infrastructure for obsoleteness, scalability, and upgrade possibilities.
  • Test third party integrations for security and relevance to your needs and objectives.

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