Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications projects are complex. Integrating data and applications is a constant challenge, as well as ensuring the accurate business intelligence demanded in today’s fast-paced competitive environment.

InfoVision consultants are currently driving some of the most exciting IT innovations in businesses across all verticals. Our success in undertaking complex enterprise applications projects derives from our ability to combine our proven talent with technical depth and delivery discipline. We have exceptional competencies and expertise in specialized disciplines, existing and emerging software technologies, software development functions, SDLC phases and supporting-SDLC processes and in several industries.

InfoVision has executed well over one hundred projects, small and large, worldwide, on client’s premises as well as in one of our several facilities on-shore and off-shore. We have assembled and operated project teams involving well over one hundred consultants, developing multi-year commercial solutions that address multi-billion dollar target markets. Our team is comprised of individuals who profess steadfast professionalism, coupled with exceptional industry knowledge and insights of the verticals that we specialize in, thereby eliminating time-consuming ‘learning curves’.

From Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), to Content Management System (CMS), to E-Business Systems, to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems, to Supply Chain Management (SCM), Business Process Management, to Transaction processing, inventory management, order fulfillment, data storage and reporting systems – InfoVision consultants have worked on several transformational projects with renowned brands across industries.

Enterprise Application Services provided by InfoVision, addresses unique challenges faced by organizations in the areas of:

InfoVision’s Multi-gate Project Methodology provides our project teams the delivery discipline to successfully navigate key stages of every project. Quality checks are mandated, and are ‘hard-coded’ at the end of each stage, starting with Project Initiation and continuing through Planning, Execution, Closure and Transition of knowledge and intellectual property.


  • Deep technology capabilities with strong business acumen and dynamic understanding of industry verticals, challenges and opportunities
  • End-to-End expertise in development, reengineering, support, maintenance, migration, testing and validation
  • Reliable and predictable service through a highly mechanized portfolio of world-class processes, infrastructure coupled with the flexibility required to adapt to changing demands
  • Extensive experience in applying Agile development methods for multi-location project execution
  • Reward based culture that emphasizes on increasing productivity and improved client focus
  • Higher accountability and well defined scope, to achieve tangible results together with and for our clients
  • An approach of partnership to drive continuous improvement in project outcomes
  • Alliances and partnerships with like-minded innovators and leading players in the industry such as AWS, Azure, IBM, Salesforce, MongoDB and so on – With access to the latest technical advances in the industry and remarkable talent
  • Subject Matter Experts that represent InfoVision at industry leading technical events and meet-ups – Showcasing the InfoVision vision, speaking about industry trends, keeping abreast on the latest innovations across technologie
  • Resource Development Team with a combined experience of 200+ years – Specifically focusing on IT Functions
  • Strategic Sourcing Track Record of 20+ years with emerging and niche skills
  • Preferred provider for Telecom, Banking, Retail, Energy/Utilities, Manufacturing, Technology & Airline clients – Domain, Technology and Business Expertise with 90%+ repeat business
  • Nationwide presence with clients across the US, Canada and India – With access to global talent, with state of the art development centers seating up to 200+
  • InfoVision’s 5-step methodology from Analyzing Client Needs to Integrating Consultants to Client Environment (Be it a single resource requirement to setting up teams of size 100+
  • Proven ability in setting up focused technology teams of size 80+ within 6-8 weeks for Fortune Clients
  • Capability setting up technical centers of excellence, seating up to 170+ for Fortune 500 companies
  • Training for Consultants and scheduled training for the Resource Development Team, by SMEs from dedicated InfoVision Technology Business Practices


SDLC Phases

Supporting-SDLC Processes

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