Operations Support System (OSS) / Business Support System (BSS)

As an example of service innovation dramatically impacting the competitiveness of a business, InfoVision continues its three-plus year collaboration with a major telecom giant, empowering it to continually and dramatically improve its customer-service capabilities, using a common, unified ‘service delivery backbone’.


Consistent with the nature of the telecom industry in the United States, our client has evolved into a global giant through a number of mergers and acquisitions. The IT organization is constantly challenged with having to support the merged /acquired company’s customer base while integrating critical ‘back-end’ systems within a holistic process-architecture. Given that some of the systems are decades old, many of them with no code-documentation, integration of systems proved to be an ongoing nightmare.

The IT organization was looking for a way to break away from the prevailing situation and shift to a model that allowed the company to continue to grow by mergers and acquisitions while at the same time architecting the ‘back end’ of the business to continually innovate, create new services and offerings and manage an ever-growing customer base.


In about 2002, InfoVision proposed the concept of an IT Workbench, one that pulled together the disparate systems around a service-backbone, creating a suite of 200+ services. Each service performed a specific task related to the business-process-orchestration. By de-coupling these services from the actual business-process, our client’s IT organization was able to rapidly ‘orchestrate’ a new process (say, for provisioning of a new IPTV offering in the State of California), by simply assembling the relevant subset of the services from the 200+ services ‘suite’.

The concept went through several stages of refinement and was piloted and prototyped by infoVision. The SOA architecture was embraced by the IT organization, and during the past few years it has seen widespread deployment within the client’s organization. The solution continues to evolve – the suite of services is expected to grow to 600 or so in the next few years!.


InfoVision’s work has helped our client
(a) Grow its customer base faster
(b) Provision services quicker
(c) Deliver more innovative offerings to the marketplace while
(d) Simplifying and streamlining back-end technology.

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