Real Time Vehicle Performance Data for Telecom Provider

A large telecommunication provider in the US with over 100 Million Subscribers.


Sensors on vehicles and GPS produce millions of vehicle data every second. The data points have the potential to offer unique insights to Consumers, Vehicle Insurance Companies, Fleet Owners, 3PL Logistics Providers, and Automobile Manufacturers for roadside Assistance, Driving behavior Impact on the vehicle, Suggestions for enhancing driving behavior and other insights, that have business transformational ability.

The Client Organization, required analyzing driving behavior and deciphering market trends, patterns, correlations, business insights for various end users, from the sensors on vehicles, GPS.


The InfoVision Team of Data Scientists, Data Architects, Engineers, Domain Experts worked with our Client analyzing driving behavior and decipher trends, patterns, correlations for various end users, from the sensors on vehicles, GPS; to build a Big Data System on Cassandra/Hadoop, enabling Real-time Analytics. The Data Analysts analyzed the Vehicle performance data using Open Source Tools.

Utilizing our expertise in Hadoop, Pool of Data Scientists, Data Architects, Infrastructure Managers, Engineers, Domain Experts –we were involved in the data collection, preparation, exploration, transformation, storing in Cassandra, building the model, validating, and deployment to evaluation. The data was transformed to meaningful insight, by granular analysis – vehicle performance data collected was correlated with vehicle characteristics information in order to unearth active insights to owners and end users.


InfoVision’s work has helped our client to (a) Obtain Real time Vehicle Performance Analytics (b) Information for various End User from Improving driving behavior, Information for customized insurance packages, road-side assistance data for automobile companies, valuable inputs for 3PL Logistics Providers, Determine Business Insights for better decision making.

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