Optimizing Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Demand Forecasting for Food and Beverage Company

An American food and beverage company that specializes in dairy products. The company maintains plants and distributors in the United States and the United Kingdom. With $11 Billion+ in revenue, 100+ facilities – located in 35 American states as well as ve manufacturing plants in the countries of Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. The company’s products include frozen and canned foods, dairy products and condiments. It produces milk in the United States under a number of regional and national brands.


80% of the distribution of products, were done to Retail Chains and Local Distributors. The organization required to streamline their Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Demand Forecasting, to optimize operations, reduce OPEX, predict demands/fast moving products, and reduce loses.


Utilizing its extensive competence in developing business insights for strategic decision making with Business Objects, Oracle Platform based ODS, Enterprise Data Warehouse Analytics using Microstrategy, Cognos, Microsoft BI Stack, Advanced Analytics using SAS and SPSS – InfoVision developed a solution integrating SAP, Supply Chain and BI for streamlining manufacturing, supply chain and for forecasting demand, with greater degree of accuracy.


InfoVision’s work has helped the client to (a) Enhance capability to streamline operations, reduce OPEX as a result of the integrated manufacturing, and supply chain systems (b) Improve decision making prociency and insights regarding Operations (c) Enhance forecasting engine for predicting customer demand.

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