Integration of ERP and PLM environments for a Global Auto Maker

We enhanced the customer service capabilities of one of the largest automobile makers in the world by seamlessly integrating the different Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) systems involved in management of various parts inventory data and determination of a required part, and the Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) systems that manage relationships with various original and after-market parts manufacturers. Service technicians were able to serve customers better, regardless of the vintage of the automobile or the specific need. Our work spanned both the United States and Europe locations of our client.


An automobile contains hundreds of thousands of parts, often assembled in a myriad of configurations, assemblies and sub-assemblies and sourced from hundreds of manufacturers. Over time, a part could undergo modification, either to improve its function or to correct a defect. Frequently, the initial manufacturer may stop making a part. Finally, some parts move into the after-market domain, and become available under a completely different brand name.

Now, viewing this from an automobile repair shop’s vantage, when an automobile arrives for repair and needs a particular part, the repair shop must to be quickly, identify (a) the required part from amongst the ever growing and changing universe of parts, and (b) the supplier(s) of this part, and then place a purchase order for this part. Should the original part no longer be available, as is the case of a vintage automobile, a substitute must to be determined, located amongst after-market producers, and ordered.


InfoVision optimized the Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) technology suite used by the client to seamlessly link the client’s product-data-management environment, service management environment and the service delivery environment. InfoVision implemented a web-browser based interface to enhance the usability of the entire end-to-end process.

By integrating the PLM environment with the client’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environment, InfoVision was able further improve the ability of a service professional to serve the complete end-to-end requirement of a client, when the client arrived at the repair facility or the dealer’s service shop.


InfoVision helped our client (a) Improve customer satisfaction and (b) Shorten the process and effort to
complete a repair.

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