Enhancement of 3D Visualization & Integration in a
PDM and PLM Environment for a Global
Transportation Engineering Leader

High performance, mission-critical transportation engines in aircrafts, ships and trains require extreme precision, down to an individual component. The advent of three dimensional (3D) visualization has made it possible for engineers to apply precision across all phases of an engine’s life cycle -from concept, to design, to development, to testing, to quality assurance.


The client’s engineering group stores all its engine models and drawings in a Computer Aided Design (CAD) system procured from one of the industry’s leading providers of Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) solutions. Each time a drawing or a part of a drawing needed to be reviewed, the drawing would need to be pulled into a high-end UNIX graphics workstation for viewing and editing. These drawings were often very large and the entire process could take as much as 2 hours. The client was interested in simplifying the process and in speeding it up.


Using VCollab, a specialized visual-collaboration software designed precisely for this purpose, InfoVision was able to provide our client’s engineers with the capability to selectively download portions of a 3D drawing into a personal computer and perform navigation in three dimensions. What once took 2 hours now took a few minutes!. With success proved here, InfoVision was able to extend this capability across all drawings associated with our client’s Product Data Management (PDM), achieving seamlessness and trace-through.
InfoVision worked with the client in both the United States and in Europe during this important initiative.


The client was able to (a) Increase the productivity of both its computing assets and engineers and (b) implement a seamless flow around drawings related its product life cycle.

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