Enhanced Sales, Virtual Online Store, integration for a Global Retailer

A retailer and reseller of consumer electronics, technology products and computer services with 120+ retail locations.


The client organization required their retail, back ofce, point-of-sale solutions to be rewritten and a central online retail store to be created, integrating their warehouse management, distribution and ERP Systems. The purpose was to create the capability for consumers to order online from their virtual central store, by viewing the products across several stores and to be able to pick their order – from the store. It also required an ongoing analysis of its business operations at various levels, to understand trends, patterns and translate them into insights that could optimize their operations, categorize their products into various departments and help accelerate their profits.


InfoVision’s Team of 50+ Data Engineers and Data Experts, utilizing its domain expertise and technology capability – worked on various pieces of their Client Server based Retail Management Solution, transforming it to a Windows based solution and converted it to a web application, to create a Virtual Online Store. The Client Server based solution, using the same client server middleware was integrated with Central Warehouse Management, Distribution and ERP . The Client Server store solution was transformed to a web based solution with a Virtual Central Store that enabled users to order online and pick their orders from the store. Analytics were built into the systems to analyze the fast moving products, sales rate for various products and so on.


InfoVision’s work has helped our client develop a workable solution to (a) Effectively handle 15,000 to 50,000 SKU’s of products, ranging in value from $5 to $2000 – across 120 Stores (b) Enhance capability to streamline operations, reduce OPEX as a result of the integrated distribution, ERP , warehouse management systems (c) Improve decision making prociency and insights regarding Sales, Operations, Products to be placed at various stores and so on (d) Customer Service Desk, Online Terminal Capability, to inform consumers when the product is available, transfer between stores, check availability at various stores and other added capabilities

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