• Timesheets are due by close of business on the 15th and last day of the month. Pay dates are the 7th and 22nd.
  • Salary is paid twice a month, for the first 15 days and for the rest of the month. Salary is paid on the 8th and 23rd of each month.
  • Employee has to report the time properly for all the days in the pay period. Time Sheets are to be signed by the employee and the manager and are due by 2nd and 17th of each month.
  • If the time sheets are not received on time, InfoVision reserves the right to defer the salary payment until the next pay period.
  • All the applicable deductions will be made to the Employee’s salary.
  • Salary is deposited directly in the selected Bank. Employee has to provide void Bank Check prior to starting the employment. Also Employee has to fill in the Direct Deposit Request form provided with the new employee package.
  • Employee must provide his day time phone number, fax number, email, manager/supervisor’s name, phone and email on the first day of assignment. Whenever this information changes Employee has to report the same to InfoVision.
  • Any discrepancies in the paycheck should be notified immediately to the administration.
  • InfoVision offers an aggressive employee referral incentive program of up to $500.

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