Life at InfoVision

Message from our Vice President

InfoVision’s core purpose has always been to provide quality services and solutions – 1 employee, 1 project and 1 client at a time.

We work with some of the biggest names across client verticals from telecom, to banking, to retail, to manufacturing industries and we work with them to help their technology teams in the form of providing quality talent or taking care of complete project delivery. Time and time again, many of our clients or as we like to call them ‘partners’ have come back, to associate further and we’ve also built dedicated offices for some of them. We’ve worked with them to accomplish their objectives and to get that done, great people is the key – From our sales team, to the technical team, to the back office support, we ensure what needs to be done is done by setting a benchmark of what we need to do, how we need to do it and when it needs to be done.

We make certain that we are recruiting the right people, our consultants gel well with the client culture, performance standards are met or exceeded and the right training is provided for each employee to do the job better.

Come, be part of InfoVision – A company that can open up opportunities to work with project teams for brands from startups to the Fortune 100, innovative technologies, revolutionary projects and amazing people.

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Work Environment

The right blend of millennials, skilled experts, technical and non-technical cadres – Infovision’s workforce is a potpourri of people from different nationalities, cultures, customs and skillsets. As a family, we encourage fellow Infovisioners to embrace diversity in all forms and respect geographical sentiments. This enables all Infovisioners to effortlessly work with globally located partners and have a global perspective.


Infovision develops and retains some of the best talent in the industry and always ensures that the best are rewarded, at our annual awards meet – From business teams, to technical teams, to service delivery teams, to recruiter teams, to individual innovators; InfoVision expresses its appreciation for exceptional execution.

As an equal opportunity employer, InfoVision’s benefit packages and compensation are envisioned, to be in agreement with industry standards and to also endorse a sense of belonging.

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