Group health benefits are offered to our full-time employees.  Health, Life, Dental and Vision Insurance is managed by Reaves Insurance Agency. Insurance information and application forms packet is sent along with the handbook. See our job listings for software engineers, project managers and application developers.

Please contact Audra Jackson at Reaves Insurance Agency for any questions and information regarding Health, Life, Dental and Vision Insurance.

Phone: 972-669-2435 or 1(800)-669-5155
Fax: 972-235-9604

For any other questions, please contact
Jessi Coleman
 at InfoVision.
Phone: 972-234-0058 X15
Fax: 972-234-5732

Blue Cross Blue
Shield of Texas.

PO Box 655730 Dallas, Texas 75265-5730 | (800) 521-2227

Dearborn National Insurance P

.O. Box 14093 Lexington, KY 50512-4093 | (800) 275-4638

The following 401k Profit Sharing Plan and Trust benefits are offered to help employees plan their financial goals.

  • Tax-advantaged saving through pre-tax contributions and the Roth 401(k) option
  • Investments that make savings easy
  • Features that simplify planning
  • Online access whenever and whereever you want
  • Convenient, automatic payroll deductions

Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company.

2001 Market St, Suite 1500, Philadelphia, PA 19103 | (800) 644-1103

United Health Care
(Via Spectera) | (800) 638-3120

Long Term Disability insurance is administered by Reliance Standard.

This coverage is provided at no cost to eligible full-time employees. LTD benefits would begin after 90 consecutive days of total or partial disability.

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