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Avoiding Common Mistakes that could Hurt your IT Career

With the amount of technology jobs increasing day after day, it is important to be able to excel in this industry. IT staffing firms are seeing that everyday people are trying to break into the field and take over positions in order to further their career and make a name for themselves. Your IT career can be

Top Women in Tech

The male dominated career field of technology has consistently seen numbers that would make any women insecure about making an attempt to jump in and make a difference. Recently, IT staffing firms have seen a boost in the amount of women that are making a name for themselves in tech. The increase in the amount of

Why and How you should Recruit Women for your Tech Business

Women in technology are rare to come by, but not as rare as in recent years. Companies are beginning to realize the benefits and skills that women bring to the table that most of their men counter parts don’t. Women offer different insights by being experienced buyers that know exactly what your target clients or

How to Succeed as a Woman in the Male-Dominated Tech Industry

Articles after articles have been written about the obvious imbalance among the amount women and men working in the IT industry. Women represent 10% of venture capitalists, while they’re leaving the industry two times the rate of men. The observation may be obvious but it’s a tough one to address, but now, IT staffing firms

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